Digital Traction Machine

Specification :

Max. Wt. : 3 - 45 Kg (1 Kg steps)
Min. Wt. : 0 - 44 Kg (1 Kg steps)
Hold time : 1-99 Seconds (1 sec step)
Rest time : 1-99 Seconds (1 sec step)
Treatment time : 1-99 minutes (1 min. step)

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Digital Traction Unit

Digitrac is a continuous and intermittent traction unit. It is ideal for both cervical and lumbar traction. Digitrac is the first indigenous product of its kind. Built in Micro-controller for accuracy and consistency. Soft touch membrane keys are used to select the parameters. Bar graph display indicates the traction force. Weight and whole time/rest time can be set with 1 unit step. Traction force from 1 kg to 45 kgs (upto 90 kgs with doubler) High quality imported heavy duty DC motor for durability and smooth function. We offer extensive range of Digital Traction Units that are designed and manufactured according to international standards. These digital Traction units are highly accurate and consistant in output. Digital Traction Unit is outfitted with soft touch keys, large LED display and in-built micro-controller. These Digital Traction Units are exported to various countries at competitive prices.

  • Microcontroller based
  • Accurate weight settings/Real weight sensing mechanism
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Soft touch switches / Easy to operate
  • Compete with International standards / Universal input voltage 90-270V AC
    Features :
  • In-built Microcontroller
  • Accurate weight settings
  • Real weight sensing mechanism
  • Wide input Voltage range
  • Short cut Keys
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Universal input voltage 90 -270V AC
Technical Data:
Input Voltage : 90 - 270 V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions : L x B x H -12 x 11.3 x 11 inch
Weight : 8 KGS

Electrical Traction Machine

Specification :

Treatment modes : Static / Intermittent
Traction Force : 5 - 45 Kg
Hold Time : 20, 40, 60, 80 Sec.
rest Time : 1,5,10,20 Sec.
Timer : 0 - 99 min.
Optional : Doppler Circuit for Double weight

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Indotrac is an advanced technology solid state circuitry Static / Intermittent traction unit. Moulded Aluminium gear box and metal gears gives long life to the equipment. It has silence, smooth and powerful motor to pull the appropriate weight. The treatment time is controlled by digital timer and has indicators for Rest / Hold time.

Traction Bed

Specification : The fixed height table is ideal for horizontal lumbar and cervical traction in supine position. Made out of tubular powder coated frame. The table dimension are 72" x 27" x 24". The area had section is fixed while the limbar section movies freely on ball bearing castors when the traction pulls.

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The traction mounting pedestal is adjustable in height. This allows for the optimum pull and also the angle can be changed while giving cervical traction in supine position. The height adjustable board. Also provides for easy access to the traction controls. The table can alternatively used as treatment couch too.

Manual, Pelvic

Manual, Cervical