Features :

  • Ergonomic & compact design for user convenience
  • UIS2 Plan infinity optics providing image flatness
  • Seidentopf observation head for individual choice of adjustment
  • Anti fungus treatment for component durability
  • High eyepoint design eyepiece (F.N.20)
  • High performance aspheric lenses in the abbe condenser & light relay system for bright & uniform illumination
  • SMPS circuit for constant voltage output
  • Rackless stage for durability and ease of use
  • Mechanical stage focus-lock prevents mishaps
  • Component security – Student proof
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Step up to Higher Performance with the Olympus UIS2 Infinity Optics


Features :

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Exclusive Anti-Fungus Treated Optics
  • Window in the arm section
  • Parfocal & Centered Objectives
  • Optimised Illumination by Aspheric Lenses
  • SMPS Circuit For Constant Voltage
  • Manufactured under licence from Olympus Corporation, Japan
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The CH20 is an economically priced microscope that achieves a high standard of optical and mechanical quality for educational applications.

Simple enough for even first-time microscope users to master, the CH20 achieves a high standard of optical and mechanical quality for educational microscopes. The newly designed stand has a slim body design, allowing the user to operate the coarse and fine focus comfortably while keeping the hands on the desk.


Features :

  • Rigid, durable construction (for high performance and long service life.)
  • Construction quality is excellent (throughout, with objectives, eyepiece, observation tube, revolving nosepiece, highly reliable rackless stage and other components all fixed firmly to the body.)
  • UIS2 (Universal Infinity-Corrected) Optical System Provides wide field of view (F.N. 20) & outstanding Images Flatness (and allows easy observation with eyeglasses & PLCN objectives providing outstanding Sharp, clear images with flatness all the way to the edge)
  • PLCN series Objectives (Plan C Achromat 4x, 10x, 40x & 100x, Optional Objectives 20x, 60x, 100xOI Optional overview with Plan 2x through condenser having aux. lens)
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New standards of sharpness, clarity and flatness with excellent Pricing

The Olympus CX2 series microscopes from Olympus Corporation, Japan, which have gained an outstanding worldwide reputation in many medical and educational arenas, now evolve with new UIS2 infinity optics. The CX31 microscopes improve advanced all-round performance and offer excellent cost-efficiency.

CX41 System Microscope

The evolution of this best selling Olympus CX2 series microscope from Olympus Corporation, Japan delivers new, cost-efficient improvements in both optics and system performance. Newly equipped with Olympus' leading-edge UIS2 optical system, it provides significantly enhanced image clarity in a variety of observation methods, from bright-field to reflected light fluorescence. For all inspection and training applications in the fields of biology and medicine, the CX41 sets the pace for its class in both basic and system performance.

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Optics and Performance Outstanding in its Class

Advanced optical and system performance with excellent cost-efficiency