Interferential Therapy

IFT Computerised with 35 Program (DIGIMED)

Specification :
The DIGIMED is an advanced electrotherapy equipment in the field of electotherapy.In the development of the unit simplicity of operation and functionality were the principal consideration. All the available types of current and therapy are clearly displayed on a large LCD screen.

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The corresponding parameters are easily set with five soft touch keys. Pre-programmed memory with treatment applications offers protocols for more than 35 frequently occuring indications. And users can store their settings in user memory locations and easily recall their programmes for the patients.

  • * Four-pole interferential therapy with or without vector scan
  • * Bipolar interferential therapy
  • * 35 Pre-programmes condition wise with protocols
  • * 20 Re-writable memeory
  • * Cable and Electrode checking mode
  • * User settable memory
  • * Light weight and compact design
  • * Easy to operate
  • * Future upgrade without change in hardware
  • * DSP Based circuitry, outputs are in 100% accuracy
  • * Large graphic LCD Display
  • * International Standards and Specifications
  • * Advanced patient safety system
  • * PC Interface facility (infuture)

IFT Manual

Specification :

Carrier Frequency : 2 KHz and 4 KHz
Base AMF frequency : 0 to 150 KHz
Sweep AMF : 0 to 100 KHz
Spectrum Programs : 3 Position, Rectangular 1/1s, Trapezpdial1/5s, Linear6/6s.
Therapy Modes : 2 Pole, 4 Pole, and 4 Pole Vector.
Intensity : 0-100 mA continuously adjustable.
Intensity Balance : Available
Miliameter : 3 digits meter indicates the peak value of Real Patient current in red chanel.
Timer : 0 to 99 Minutes
Operating Volgate : 220 V ± 100% 50Hz.

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    Three treatment modes:
  • 1) 2 pole Modulator
  • 2) 4-pole interferention
  • 3) Triangular (acute pains).

3-digit output display meter indicating the peak valve of real patient current in the red channel, while LED indication for black channel. Totally isolated output. Balance control for adjusting durrednt in red and black channel. Electronic circuitry ensures that the unit does not start unless and until intensity control knob is in minimum position. This is patient safety mechanism. Audio alarm at the end of treatment. Resulting in output intensity reduced to 0.


Specification :

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Specification and standard
10?-12? Full color Touch Screen Operational for IFT, TENS, NMES, MC, HV, UST, etc. More than 800 pre Programmed Protocols.
Direct Currents-

*Direct Current, Rectangular pulse *2-5 Current (Ultra Reiz), *Triangular pulse, *Iontophoresis- MF Rectangular pulse, *03 Carrier frequencies- 2KHz, 4 KHz and 8KHz, *0-100m and/or 0-70/140V A peak constant voltage, depend on mode
Diadynamic Currents-*MF, *RS, *DF, *CP, *LP
TENS Currents-

* Conventional TENS, * Low frequency TENS,
* Burst TENS, * Brief intense TENS,
* Random frequency TENS
NMES Currents-

* Rectangular surge, * Triangular surge,
* Biphasic surge, * Intra pulse interval surge,
* Russian Stimulation, * 2-pole MF surge,
* Isoplanar Vector field surge
Inter Ferential Currents-

* 2-pole MF, * Isoplanar Vector field
* Dipole Vector field