We feel pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of orthopedics aids, physiotherapy aids, and surgical items in east India.

We are a group of young dedicated professionals aiming to provide very high quality health care goods at the most reasonable prices in most of the states of India.

Bhogilal addresses the physical dimension of human personality with its efforts and it is continually growing to be a one-stop solution for all physiotherapy and rehabilitative needs. We understand all our achievements are fruitless unless we are able to get the same amount of appreciation from you.


Our company has got superior service network with qualified engineers for customer service and support.

Our aim is to deliver superior long term concrete, elusive benefits to our customers & to the community in which we operate. We accomplish this through the synergistic approach in remaining viable in the overall global economic context & keep churning out value for customers, without compromising our core-values.

Our Company has got several branches throughout the country including kolkata (Head Office), Guwahati, Patna, Odisha, Gujarat, Chennai, Bangalore etc. We also export goods to the neighbouring countries, and have close Knit connection with P& D Healthcare(based in Bangladesh) who is one of our major clients for orthopaedic goods under the brand name of Prova. We also work in collaboration with Computer World(based in Bangladesh) for the export of various other products for government tenders.

We are looking for dealers who have infrastructure and are financially sound. Interested people may contact us at

We assure support, co-operation and handsome earning.



Occupational physiotherapy has been shown to have demonstrable effects in reducing both the incidence and overall number of days lost to ill health and accidents at workplace.

Our company is manufacturing complete range of physiotherapy equipments including ultrasound, electrotherapy, laser, CPM, shortwave diathermy, longwave diathermy, traction etc.

People interested in procuring the materials may send us their enquiry at